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Welcome to STEP Benelux

The board of STEP BeNeLux are delighted to meet you on our online pages. Please do join our mailing list and attend our regular events.

The 3 countries are rich in history and social and economic cooperation. For example Belgium the Netherlands and Luxembourg signed a new Benelux Treaty in 2008 which strives to promote the prosperity and welfare of the citizens of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

The BeNeLux branch of STEP has roots in Luxembourg and has grown in terms of name and regular events and conferences in Luxembourg. Recently that has all changed and our vision of events in Belgium and the Netherlands has launched. At the time of writing our last event in Amsterdam attracted over 80 delegates.

Whether you work or reside in the BeNelux countries or you are visiting for professional reasons please do join our events and get involved with our activities from writing a position paper to participating at our annual conference.
I am a Luxembourg Avocat à la Cour and an English solicitor and chairman of STEP BeNeLux since 2016. I grew up in Guernsey and have lived in Luxembourg since 2002 and have dual British Luxembourgish nationality. It is a pleasure to chair such a thriving branch.

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